Alternative Care & Support

Childbirth classes cover everything from how to choose a provider, to choices in birth, labor positions & breastfeeding.

Exercise & nutrition are the cornerstone of a healthy body & an appropriately sized baby. 

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Learn more about these important topics through working with our BYD Team. We offer personal consultations, group and private childbirth classes. You also can choose one of our BYD doulas to work with you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. 

Education & Support

Exercise & Nutrition


women and their families to make empowered choices with Birth You Desire doulas and childbirth classes. 

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​​Alternative modalities can help you to support a pregnancy holistically with minimal discomforts and interventions.   

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Birth You Desire offers comprehensive classes for both first time parents and refreshers for repeat parents.


These are the foundations for a healthy pregnancy and birth: 

Specialized hands-on services custom tailored to each couple's needs. 

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